Getting work done from freelancers can be very challenging at times. The biggest challenge is communication. We all have gone through those days when freelancers don’t reply to emails or calls.

Here are the top reasons we have come across for broken communication. 

  1. He is not free at that moment – Just respect that. He does not work for you only. He has other clients and he has a life. The  whole idea of being a freelancers was that he wanted freedom from being available to everyone all the time. 
  2. You Pay less–  You are keen on getting things done at last year’s price. If a freelancer is good, he will grow really fast and so will his fees. 
  3. He hasn’t finished the work –  And is too ashamed to give you an update. Freelancers stop replying to not feel bad. They fear that you are going to shout on them, and rightly so, so they prefer to get into their cocoon and be unapproachable until the work is finished. There is a higher chance that they haven’t even started working on it. Best is to message them 2 days in advance to remind them of the deadline and drop a message asking them “How far is it done?”, instead of “Is it done?”.
  4. He has grown past you – Your work is too “small” for them. They can’t tell that you on your face. So they just stop replying. Just like that investor that you have been chasing. This time, it’s not him, it’s you. 
    Freelancers, like all growing people, seek challenging work and good people to work with. Just money doesn’t cut it all the time. 
  5. He doesn’t know it’s you – He lost his phone and all the contacts. He does not identify you via phone number. An SMS would help but what if he changed his number.
    I have dealt with one such freelancer. His phone number was changed. The email was rarely checked. I had to contact one of his newer clients, through the phone number on their domain registration info. And then asked them to ask the freelancer to call. Phew! Some major Sherlock moment.     
  6. Freelancers are bad in people skills –  A lot of freelancers do not understand the value of regular communication 
  7. He is a lazy bum – At times you are just dealing with a lazy guy with little goals. 
  8. He has moved to a different country – Yes. A lot freelancers move to a different country for extended periods of time. Either for a client or generally to explore more in life. I know you must be feeling really bad, your regular job doesn’t allow this. Sorry for you. 
  9. He is under stress– A lot of freelancers go through short or long term depression. Depression may not be the correct term to define the condition but you get the idea. Lack of colleagues and therefore lack of people to talk to makes it difficult for them to express themselves. Such conditions make it difficult to talk to anyone or listen to anyone, specially for work with deadlines. Treat your freelancer like a co-worker and you will be able to get more of their time. 

What other reason have you seen with freelancers? Share this with a freelancer.