The freelancing economy is growing and freelancers are here to stay. Companies are changing their hiring policies to adapt to this new normal of working style. Hiring a freelancer would be perfect when you have a one-time project, a limited budget, or want an expert for your project. 

Whether you hire a full-time worker or a freelancer, the process is very similar. For those who want to take the leap to hire a freelancer and are ready to work on a contractual basis but feel confused about how to go forward, this article is for you. We outline the 5 simple steps of successfully hiring a freelancer for you below. 

Hiring a freelancer would be perfect when you have a one-time project, a limited budget, or want an expert for your project. 5 steps to hiring an ideal freelancer.
How to Select an Ideal Freelancer?

1. View shortlisted profiles

The next step is to connect with those who are selected. Establishing rapport is essential when forming a new relationship. Talk to them about what you are seeking and ask whether they are comfortable with the mentioned things. If both of you share an understanding and are looking in the same direction, move forward and be happy because it worked out. If not, remember that you had plenty of other options to select from, venture out to look for the best option, and start connecting again. 

2. Check past work and skills 

Once you have decided to outsource the work, create a description, and look for profiles that match your job details. Scan through the pool of freelancers and shortlist a few profiles for the position you are looking to fill in. 

After building a connection and before giving a verbal consent to working together, ask for their portfolio. It is vital to ensure that the person you are hiring has all the skills required to carry out the project. 

To be certain of receiving a satisfactory quality of work, you need to go through their work past work and see if you are fine with the work they have done before. By going through their portfolio, you can be aware of their interests and expertise too. For e.g. if you need medical content for the US market, seeking for someone who has done similar work in the past makes more sense as they would come with great knowledge and experience. When searching on the basis of past work there are high chances that he/she would be the exact same person you are looking for. You want to hire someone who is reliable and will provide valuable additions to the project.  

3. Know your criteria 

Before you begin on finalizing a freelancer, be clear on your needs and expectations. Having a checklist with specific needs saves time and makes it easy to search. For finding a perfect match, be ready with the information criteria that you will share with the candidate in advance. A successful relationship is always about having communication and maintaining transparency. 

The criteria should mention the details relating to the project like the scope of work, timeline, budget, experience needed, required documents, etc. Double-check on these specifications before you communicate it to the freelancer, you do not want to miss out on anything important. Having clarity initially ensures that there is effective communication and avoids any issues later on.

4. Decide on the next step

To avoid any assumptions or delays , develop a habit of always deciding on a clear next step at the end of each conversation. It helps them to know what to do next and appropriately take action. Maintaining a healthy relationship is essential for good results. Unclear conversations, leaving them hanging, or misleading them are not signs of professionalism. Despite their follows up, if you still choose to not guide them, it might give them wrong signals. 

Respond to them, as and when needed. Update them about the progress and what are your plans further. If you have realised that they are not a perfect choice for this project and decided on not working with them, let them know and appreciate their efforts. It is always good to keep the lines open for the future. 

5. Secure payment with Escrow 

As the deal is sealed, secure payment before you begin to work with them. You are just one step away from getting started. To ensure the interest of both the parties involved, do the digital payment with escrow. This ensures that the money is distributed only when the set terms are achieved. The third-party escrow service is used to protect both the freelancer and you. Doing this ensures transparency and helps build trust, as the freelancer gets the assurance of receiving the payment. You can also be worry-free as you can track the movement and progress of your funds deposited. Now, all you have to do is focus on the project and optimize the work. 

Working with freelancers can be new for you, but with the knowledge and tips provided, you can seamlessly hire the perfect candidate for your work. Start adapting to this way of hiring. You will meet different people and have unique diverse experiences, learn from those, and ace the process that next time you go to hire a freelancer.

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