Being stuck for too long at the same point makes me feel miserable. Over the years I have tried to figure out the various reasons of being stuck with a piece of work. Identifying the problem will help you resolve faster.

Why are you stuck? And how to resolve it.

  1. Unclear brief from client: A lot of times we cannot move forward with the work because we are not confident of what the client really wants. There was verbal communication with the client that you do not remember or the client showed you examples that you think are out of client’s budget. It is very important to have a written brief from the client. If the client doesn’t give it to you, write it and ask them to verify. Keep the deliverables clear. This takes a lot of effort but this will save you a lot of time during execution. In such situation it is advisable to work from the client’s office.
  2. Unclear payment terms: Not knowing how much client is willing to pay is a deterrent to productivity. It keeps playing at the back of your mind and hampers your quality and speed of work. This is not easy to solve if you are too shy to ask for money. Again, a written “agreement” will help. Whether over email or even Whatsapp. If there is any ambiguity in pricing terms it will come to haunt you later. Read more about pricing it right for first time customers.
  3. Deadlines: There is no better motivator than deadlines. Always get a deadline from client. It will help you understand your limits and speed up. Set deadlines for yourself. Without deadlines the work will expand to occupy all your time.
  4. Work environment: The temperature, the sitting position, the people around you and more. All these could have an affect on your productivity. Try changing this or go get a break in some fresh air. Read more about choosing the right place to work for freelancers.
  5. Physical fitness: Get some exercise in the morning. Everyone around you has told you this. A little movement in the morning, keeps you more active throughout the day, mentally and physically. I had a very sedentary lifestyle until recently. Since I started working out in the morning, I can feel the difference on the days that I don’t . Also, it’s a great time to think about the current assignment.
  6. Holiday: Regular holidays are a great inspiration for work. Work to save for holidays and go on holidays to get inspiration for better work. It’s a beautiful cycle.
  7. Collaborate/Talk to people: Talking about the problem to other people tricks your own brain into finding the solution faster, on its own. At times, you haven’t actually understood the problem until you try to put it in words for others.
  8. Have an intern/trainee around: Teaching someone brings a lot clarity to your own concepts. Having an intern or trainee around is helpful to outsource mundane repetitive tasks or one time tasks that need a lot of research.