Being a freelancer is not easy. At-least not easy as it looks like to someone who is not freelancing. 

Freelancers have to take a dual role. They have to deliver their projects on time and they have to be their own sales people as well.

During the initial days, the time spent in pitching and getting new clients might be more than 40% of the total time you spent. Conversion rates also are low because quite a few leads you pitch are just price shopping or not even sure whether they want to hire a freelancer or not. 

By the time you finish the work for your previous projects, you have to start the process again to find new clients. At some point of time, this can become tiring enough to make you give up.

Pitching to clients is important and will remain an important process of the whole freelancing journey. However, generating quality leads which have high conversion is the key. We share some simple steps to do it.

  1. Keep your working relationships with your client alive

Once you do the work for a client. Do not forget them. He/she will surely forget you, but you should not forget. The same client may have more work and if they have really liked your work, they will recommend you in their network as well. That’s the power of the network and without keeping a working relationship intact, you are letting it all go. Working relationship does not mean over sending them pleasantries. Stay connected over social media. It helps in both ways

  1. Based on your updates, they may give you work
  2. Knowing their problems, you can pitch your solutions. The world needs more problem solvers.
  1. Share them downloadable material in exchange for an email address.

As a freelancer who has worked with multiple clients, you would have got a fair bit of idea about what are the pain points of a particular industry or some common problems which clients face. Share your experience or solution as an ebook which can be downloaded in exchange for an email address. Some examples:

  1. Quick UX hacks to make to your website and get more user engagement
  2. Google analytics is a beast! Learn how to use it to get more users
  3. Cool check-list for your technology team.

You now know who has what problem and you have their contact, make customised pitches to land more deals. It works!

  1. Keep evolving your portfolio

Your portfolio is your advertisement. Evolve your portfolio which solves the pain points of your target market. 

  1. Make a note of your target market’s pain points.
  2. Re-look at your service and portfolio to understand how that solves those pain points
  3. Create tangible content weaving above two points (Blog posts, Piece of code, designs, case studies etc.)

We hope you implement this and get more work.

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